What up? It’s C.O.D!

    I was born in Bend, Oregon and raised here ’till I was 12.  I moved to Baltimore, MD because my little brother needed surgery and they had the only hospital that could do it. I moved back to Bend when I was 15 .

    I lived in Bend for about a year when I was struck by a car on 3rd and Wilson. I woke in St. Charles about two months later. I had been hit so hard it fractured my skull in 2 places. I also fractured my neck, broke my pelvis, and I still can’t smell anything.

    After that I moved to L.A. to live with my Dad. It was o.k. but I never really felt at home. So, when I was 18 I moved up To P Town! It was Thanksgiving 2006 when I visited my brother in Terrebone and I said To myself: I’m going going …back back… to Bend, Bend!

    LOL  So here I am. Doing my favorite thing… for the city I love!