May 16th election results, contested races

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Some mixed results for the money measures this evening in Deschutes and Jefferson Counties. The 268-million-dollar bond measure passed by 59 percent, while the permanent tax rate measure for the Jefferson County emergency medical services went down two to one. The Camp Sherman Road District 3-year levy passed handily.

For contested races in Deschutes County, for COCC School Board Zone 4 it was Erica Skatvold defeating Kyle Frick 2-1. Winners for the Bend La Pine School District positions were, Cheri Helt, Julie Craig, Stuart Young, and Carrie McPherson Douglass. For Redmond Schools, Shawn Hartfield, and Travis Bennet won the contested races. Sisters Schools it was Nicki Craig who won a contested seat. Winners for Cloverdale Fire included Deanne Dement, Redmond Fire Ken Kerfoot and Carrol McIntosh and for Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire Jack McGowan. For Bend Parks and Rec, Ted Schoenborn, and Loren Sprang were winners, Redmond Parks it was Matt Gilman. For Deschutes Library District Martha Lawler won the contested race.

In Jefferson County contested races, for Lake Chinook Fire Bob Buckner won position number two. In Crook County contested races, for Crook County Parks and Rec, Ruthie Mackenzie and Darlene Henderson were winners.

all election results for the tri-county area can be found at;


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